Healthy eaters ,vegetarians and vegan customers !!! This post for you

We will be start healthy eating optionimage




image March 16 2015 Monday and all fallowing Mondays as a lunch special.All will be home made from screch and I will use organic vegetables ,GMO free ! My menu for this week :
Tebbuli salad : serve with romaine lettuce ,whole wheat (bulgur),sun dried sweet red pepper paste,olive oil,choped tomatoes,green onions,italian parsley pomegranate molasses
Lentil soup : Red lentil ,caramelized onion ,cumin ,lemon juice serve with the bread
Stuff zucchini : Jasmin rice ,chopped onion,chopped parsley,diced tomatoes ,Fresh garlic ,olive oil and zucchini
Wheat pilaf with lentil :whole grain wheat ,green Lentil caramelized onion with the olive oil,cumin and sea salt
Stuff grape leaves: Grape leaves, rice ,chopped onions,olive oil ,sea salt
Hummus dip with vegetables and tosted pita bread
Spinach pie :spinach ,Feta,olive oil ,fillo dough

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